In the Driver’s Seat… a Success Story

In the Driver's Seat...Prince had always worked in labor intensive positions, but with the diagnosis of kidney failure and high blood pressure, he had to find a new career that didn’t require long periods of standing or walking, and allowed him to go for his dialysis treatments.  But changing careers would be a challenge for Prince.  He didn’t have a high school diploma or GED, and he found classroom work to be a struggle.  He needed something that would be hands-on, and since he enjoyed working with the public, he wanted something that would allow him to continue to have that interaction.  After some career exploration with his ACCES-VR counselor, Prince decided that he would like to obtain his Commercial Drivers License (CDL).

Prince began a ACCES-VR sponsored training program in 2005 to obtain his CDL, but he wasn’t able to pass the driving test because of difficulties, stemming from years of dialysis, in operating the gear shift.  After some discussion, it was felt that a different vocational path should be explored.  Although Prince was considering other jobs, he remained committed to his original goal of driving.

After several setbacks, Prince was able to locate a position as a bus driver that didn’t require a CDL. This position gave him the opportunity to interact with the public and to use the skills he learned while in the training program.  Although this position initially did not require a specialized driver’s license, this changed.  With hard work and support from ACCES-VR and his employer, Prince was able to pass the CDL exam.  Today, Prince continues to work as a bus driver, driving the children to and from school.  The employer reports that Prince does a great job and Prince feels his job match is perfect.  

Laura Maas, Local Workforce Development and Business Relations Representative
Rochester District Office (RAEN Member)


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