The Cutting Edge ~


Mr. D. originally applied for ACCES-VR services in 2004, after successfully completing a substance abuse program.   At the time, Mr. D. was on parole after having spent several years in prison and had a very spotty work history.  While serving time, he earned his GED and also took classes in computers, electrical, painting, barbering and Commercial Drivers License (CDL).  Mr. D. found that he really enjoyed barbering, and upon release, was seeking ACCES-VR supported to attend training where he could be trained as a licensed barber.  Mr. D. completed the training program in 2006 and was successfully placed in an existing barbershop.

Several years later, Mr. D. re-applied for ACCES-VR services after a hip injury which caused him to have to leave his driving job.  Although he had difficulty standing and walking, Mr. D. enjoyed the barbering field and was hoping to open his own shop with ACCES-VR support.  After discussing the possibility with his counselor, Mr. D. was instructed that he needed to develop a business plan that would need to be reviewed by the ACCES-VR Business for Self Committee.  Mr. D. worked diligently to meet the required deadlines for his business plan.  He met with the Business for Self Committee twice, as they reviewed his plan and made suggestions.  Mr. D. incorporated the suggestions from the committee and successfully opened his business, Dickerson’s Barber Shop, initially in his home, in 2008.  Since that time, Mr. D. has been able to prove that he is able to maintain his business, and with ACCES-VR support he moved his business to a store front.  

Because of Mr. D’s determination, he is a successful small business owner.
Mr. D was nominated for and received the Statewide Entrepreneurial Award signed by New York State’s Governor and Regent’s Chancellor.

Talk about the CUTTING EDGE!!!
Laura Maas, Local Workforce Development and Business Relations Representative
ACCES-VR Rochester District Office (RAEN MEmber)


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